Geological and operational advice on all phases of mineral exploration projects.

Selection of areas and targets for mineral exploration.

Field check and data verification (due diligence) of mineral properties to give support on deals´ decision or to proceed or not, with exploration workings.

Definition of exploration strategies and approach on properties worth to explore.

Preparation and execution of exploration budgets, including administration support and technical issues.

Management and supervision of exploration teams and exploration workings.

Planning and Interpretation of geological, geochemical and geophysical surveys.

Planning, supervision and interpretation of drilling surveys.

Elaboration of exploration reports for filing at the Brazilian Mining Agency.

Geopex has associate partners who can provide services on:

Legal advice and assistance on all aspects of the Brazilian mining legislation.

Tridimensional modelling of ore bodies, estimation of resources/reserves (43-101/JORC), preparation of economic studies (PEA/PFS/FS) and development of mining projects.

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